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  Frequently Asked Questions  
1: Question : Which browser should I be using to get the most from the GoTouchUS site? 

Answer : Internet Explorer. Is viewed optimally in 1024x768 & 1152x864 in Microsoft's "IE" Internet Explorer. We are presently integrating Netscape Mozilla/Firefox protocols for the growing Linux generation

2: Question :How do I know if I am viewing the most up-to-date material?

Answer : Click the refresh or reload button on your browser every time you visit.

3: Question :What's the best way of hearing audio and viewing video?

Answer :

 Audio & Video: we use Windows Media from Microsoft.

 Audio: we use RealPlayer from RealNetworks.

4: Question : How do I Make GoTouchUs My "Start Page" or "Home Page"?

Answer : Make GoTouchUS Your Homepage

5: Question : I have a product /website, how do I advertise on

Answer : Google manages 90% of advertising.
Advertise on this site" Is the link to start advertising with in our Google AdSense campaign.

All other banner swaps and link trades can be addressed to

A major internet advertising company

6: Question : How do I submit links, content and ideas to

Answer : Send your recommended Links, Content and Ideas to

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